Safety. Comfort. Convenience. Precision. These are principles that characterize our approach to dentistry… principles that enable us to deliver the kind of experience our patients want, and the outstanding results they deserve. We’ve adopted advanced technologies to help make this possible.


Creating crowns, bridges and other appliances that look and function just like your natural teeth requires a great deal of precision. We use Cone Beam Computed Tomography to give us a clear 3D view of your teeth and bones at a very high resolution. Specialized software helps ensure the sharpest of images by minimizing blurring, even if the patient moves.


Our advanced digital imaging system uses “low dose” technology that makes it even safer than panoramic X-ray units, despite its higher resolution.


Our 3D scanners produce digital models of your teeth and gums. We take the scans using a small, lightweight wand. You’ll be able to see the developing images of your teeth, from various angles and in real time. Our process eliminates the need for the gag-inducing goop used for impressions, and for the messy, annoying powders that are used with some scanners. It's faster than taking impressions too, so you’ll spend less time in the chair.