A Commitment To Safety

The spread of COVID-19 presents new challenges for dental practices. Protecting patient health and safety has never been more important, than it is today. We’ve taken every precaution, and implemented safety protocols that exceed CDC and industry standards.

We conduct online pre-screenings to help eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

We’ve rearranged our office to make it even more spacious than before, and allow for even more distance between patients.

We use an advanced extraoral suction system that removes even the smallest of airborne particles. Microbes like flu and coronavirus are trapped, then destroyed by the system’s internal UV-C light.

Sterilizing instruments with our in-house autoclave.

Protecting Your Heath

  • COVID-19 prescreenings
  • Remote Check-in
  • Advanced HEPA Filters Throughout Our Facility
  • Extra-oral Suction System to Capture Airborne Particles
  • UV-C Lights That Destroy Coronavirus
  • Rigorous Cleaning / Disinfecting Protocols